our story

Wine by Sam was started by husband and
wife team Sam Plunkett and Bron Dunwoodie
in 2012.

Back then, Sam and Bron were leasing winery space in the Strathbogie Ranges. Today their winery home is in the centre of Seymour. While the winery is relatively young, Sam has been making award winning wines in the region for more than 25 years.

our wines

The Victorian

As a great lover & supporter of wines from his home state, The Victorian range of
wines offers Sam Plunkett the opportunity to showcase wines from around the
state of Victoria. Also, in the tradition of the Victorian era, they allow him to engage
Inventiveness & new technologies in his winemaking. These wines are made to
highlight regional character & to be enjoyed with food.

Stardust and Muscle

Fermenting alongside hand-picked uncrushed berries added an amazing candy perfume that will draw you in to the Stardust world. Of all the wines Sam has ever made, the thrill and freedom of creativity behind Stardust & Muscle ranks it at the very top of his personal list of favourites. Go on, add a little magic to your next case!

The Halo Effect

A spin-off of our Butterfly Effect wines, The Halo Effect wines are a nod to the efforts of Naked Wine Angels’ funding and how it makes a big difference in the celestial world. Without the help of Naked Wine Angles, there wouldn’t be a Halo Effect to speak (or drink) of!

Single Vineyard Series

The Single Vineyard Series by Sam Plunkett is reserved for outstanding parcels of grapes which express the site they are grown on. These wines are made from the best fruit from outstanding vineyards.

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